Theft refers to a variety of criminal offenses ranging from shoplifting to fraud. Penalties for conviction of these charges can vary depending upon the seriousness of the crime. While circumstances may differ for those who have been accused — it is important for everyone to get a qualified criminal defender on their sides as soon as possible.

Our Criminal Defense Attorneys Understand What Is at Stake for You

Dealing with a misdemeanor or felony theft charge can be a frightening experience. After all, you may face fines, restitution payments, jail and a permanent criminal record. At this time, you need two things. First, you need an aggressive legal defense focused on practical and favorable solutions. Second, you need an attorney who will offer the support and responsive service you deserve.

When you work with the Jim Ross Law Group, our criminal defense attorneys provide the legal skill and compassionate counsel that you need. As we work to build a solid defense on your behalf, we also make it a priority to reduce the stress you are facing. By keeping our clients fully informed of their rights, options and case status, we help them weather these difficult periods in their lives.

Our Texas criminal defense attorneys are ready to help you address a wide range of theft charges, including:

Protecting Your Best Interests During Plea Negotiation and at Trial

While full dismissal is always ideal in a theft case, if the evidence against you is overwhelming, sometimes this will just not be an option. In these circumstances, our law firm can work with the state’s attorney to seek a positive plea bargain. We have a solid track record of favorably resolving criminal matters outside of trial.

However, in some cases, advancing to courtroom litigation may be the right move for you. Attorney Jim Ross is a seasoned and skilled trial lawyer, having helped a significant number of clients obtain the best possible verdicts for their specific circumstances.

Tarent County Theft Charge Lawyer

If you have been accused, get our legal team on your side as soon as possible. Let us protect your rights and your freedom. Contact us now for a free and confidential case evaluation. Our Arlington theft defense lawyers are available at 817-275-4100.

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Arlington Auto Theft Defense Attorney

Car theft is a charge that prosecutors and courts do not take lightly in the state of Texas. And penalties for conviction can be harsh. If found guilty, you may face jail time and restitution — not to mention that having a permanent criminal record can impact your life for a long time. Now is not the time to let the system work you over. Now is the time to contact a qualified criminal defense attorney to protect your rights and help you mitigate the consequences of your charges.

Arlington Employee Theft Lawyer

Has Your Employer Accused You Of Employee Theft?

Facing charges of employee theft is a daunting experience for many, knowing that consequences for conviction can be severe. Courts have been known to take charges of employee theft more seriously than a simple shoplifting charge, because those who steal from their employers violate an assumed trust.

Arlington Shoplifting Defense Lawyer

A momentary bad decision or a case of mistaken identity can have serious consequences when shoplifting charges are involved. At the Jim Ross Law Group, P.C., most of the people we represent never intended to wind up in such a bad situation.

Still, they face serious consequences as Texas law is strict on shoplifting and other, similar theft crimes, like embezzlement, retail fraud, check fraud, credit card fraud and possession of stolen property. If convicted, they could face fines, community service, probation and jail or even prison time.

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