Arlington Auto Accident Lawyers

Auto accidents can lead to life-changing injuries and consequences — the Arlington auto accident lawyers here at Jim Ross Law Group are ready to help you pick the pieces of your life back up if you’ve been involved in an incident like this.

Too often, accidents are caused because of the negligence of another person or party. Whether a driver was distracted by their cell phone or a car manufacturer equipped a vehicle with a faulty component, these negligent parties should be held accountable for their wrong doing — and Jim Ross Law Group is here to make sure they are.

As your auto accident lawyers in Arlington TX, we not only identify who was to blame for your accident and subsequent injuries, but we will pursue the compensation that you are owed. Accident victims can be compensated for a variety of factors that stem from an accident, including:

  • Medical bills: A single ride in an ambulance costs thousands of dollars. If you require medical attention as a result of your accident, then our Arlington auto accident lawyers want to make sure that you’re not left to shoulder this financial burden on your own.

  • Long-term medical care: A single trip to the hospital might not be all you require in order to make a full physical recovery. If you require long-term care, like physical therapy, then we’ll make sure that the negligent party covers the cost. You shouldn’t have to.

  • Lost wages: A car accident can result in lost wages in a few different ways. For starters, your injuries might sideline you from your job indefinitely, meaning when you don’t work, you don’t get paid. Or, long-term injuries might inhibit your ability to work in the future, leading to a blow to your earning potential. Our auto accident lawyers in Arlington TX will make sure to factor this into our request for compensation.

Compensation can be owed for more than economic damages, too. If you suffer from chronic pain, PTSD, anxiety and other issues stemming from your accident, then our team is skilled at putting a monetary value on these intangible things.

Our Arlington auto accident lawyers want to help you make a full recovery from your accident. Connect with our team right now and let’s talk about your recent accident.

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