Arlington Catastrophic Injury Attorneys

One moment can change your entire life, and while our Arlington catastrophic injury attorneys might not be able to help you restore your life completely back to normal, we do want to help you pick up the pieces following a major accident.

We are Jim Ross Law Group, a trusted personal injury law firm that works with accident victims of all kinds. If you have been injured in an accident of virtually any nature, and you believe the negligence of another person or party played a role, then we want to hear from you.

We have catastrophic injury attorneys in Arlington TX that combine for decades of experience in this profession. Our team has worked with a long list of accident victims, pursuing financial compensation that they are owed while they focus on recovering from their injuries and spending time with their families.

Our Arlington catastrophic injury attorneys specialize in a wide range of cases

Accidents and injuries can play out in a wide range of ways. Here at Jim Ross Law Group, we have a staff that is well-rounded in their knowledge of personal injury law. We work with clients that have been injured:

  • In auto accidents. These can involve cars, trucks, SUVs, motorcycles or even large commercial vehicles, which are regulated by a different set of laws. As your catastrophic injury attorneys in Arlington TX, we will trace back the causes of the accident and hold negligent parties accountable.

  • On the job. Your employer is legally obligated to protect you while on the job. This might mean sufficient training or the proper protective wear. When they cut corners, and you’re injured as a result, you could be owed compensation.

  • On both private and public property. When you are on someone else’s property, and are injured due to a hazard that should have already been addressed, we can hold the property owner accountable for your injuries and financial hardships.

The list goes on from there — from medical malpractice and defective product cases to dog attacks. Our job is to represent the injured and make sure that their rights and need for financial compensation are properly addressed. Connect with our Arlington catastrophic injury attorneys right now for a free case evaluation.

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