Arlington Dog Bite Injury Attorneys

While they might be considered “man’s best friend,” dogs can sometimes cause serious injury, and when they do, Jim Ross Law Group has Arlington dog bite injury attorneys that will assist you.

Dog bites and attacks are surprisingly common both here in the state of Texas and elsewhere throughout the country. Often, these instances go unreported as the victim assumes it was their fault that the dog lashed out or they don’t want to see the dog face consequences.

Failing to take action following a dog bite or attack can leave you financially responsible for the expenses that incur as a result, which include everything from a hospital visit and treatment to time missed from work. If you have been bitten or attacked by a dog — either on private or public property — make sure you protect your rights by connecting with our dog bite injury attorneys in Arlington TX.

Attacked by someone’s dog? You could be owed compensation

While a dog might be a beloved pet, it’s also a piece of property under the eyes of the law. If someone allows their dog to bite or attack another person, then they are legally responsible for the incident. As your Arlington dog bite injury attorneys, we work through the details of your case to prove:

  • That you were indeed bitten or attacked by a dog and suffered injury as a result. This might mean collecting eye witness testimony and medical records that show the severity of your injury.

  • It’s also pertinent to prove that you did not willfully attempt to antagonize the dog or go out of your way to initiate the bite or attack.

  • Our team of dog bite injury attorneys in Arlington TX also must determine who legally owns the dog. This is important because that is an individual that will be held legally responsible for the attack and subsequent injuries.

Our team works with the insurance providers to negotiate a fair and full settlement. We know what your case is worth based upon your injuries and we will not settle for less than you need. We know that would put you and your family in a tough spot. Bounce back from this type of traumatic incident by connecting with our Arlington dog bite injury attorneys and telling us about your needs. We’re here to listen

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