Arlington Work Accident Lawyers

Everyone deserves to feel safe and protected when they’re at their place of employment and the Arlington work accident lawyers at Jim Ross Law Group are dedicated to working with those that have been injured on the job.

Our family-owned personal injury law firm is experienced and knowledgeable when it comes to cases revolving around workplace accidents. These instances can play out in many forms and happen to professionals of all industries — from construction and industrial work all the way to traditional office work.

With our work accident lawyers in Arlington TX, you can make sure that your legal rights to compensation are upheld and that a negligent employer is held accountable for putting your health and well being at risk.

An ally for workers

Employers are legally obligated to protect their workers and create a safe work environment. Our Arlington work accident lawyers are here to hold them to that standard and to provide sound legal representation for workers that have been subjected to unnecessary hazards and risks on the job.

To take the proper measures to protect workers, employers must take some of the following steps and precautions.

  • Provide proper training
  • Furnish necessary safety equipment
  • Give workers adequate rest from their duties
  • Ensure that workers are not exposed to toxic substances (i.e. asbestos, lead, etc.)

These are just a few examples of how companies need to uphold their end of the bargain with their employees. But, too often, they cut corners for the sake of time and cost savings. This can lead to serious accidents and injuries.

Our work accident lawyers in Arlington TX work to uncover the details and contributing factors in your accident to build a case in your favor. We will pursue compensation that you are owed for things like medical bills and lost wages from missing work. Our team knows that this compensation is vital to your recovery efforts and we will not accept a low-ball settlement from an employer or their insurance company.

Talk to our Arlington work accident lawyers right now. You can reach out to Jim Ross Law Group via phone or online.

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