Arlington Wrongful Death Lawyers

If you have lost a family member tragically in an accident, then we invite you to connect with the Arlington wrongful death lawyers on staff here at Jim Ross Law Group. Our helpful staff of legal professionals will work alongside you and your family to make sure that justice is served.

Proudly serving as leading wrongful death lawyers in Arlington TX

As a law firm that has worked with countless accident victims and their families, we know the devastation that comes with losing a loved one in an accident. When you are steeped in grief, it can be tough to pay any attention to filing a civil lawsuit after the fact.

That’s why Jim Ross Law Group is here. We have Arlington wrongful death lawyers on our team that will take on your case while you focus on grieving and being there for your family. While financial compensation might not seem very important to you in the immediate aftermath of the accident, it can be vital in the long term.

That’s because a fatal accident can result in a variety of economic and non-economic consequences. Our wrongful death lawyers in Arlington TX want to make sure that you are rightfully compensated for things like:

  • Medical bills: The life-saving measures administered to your loved one can lead to extensive medical bills. As your attorney, we’ll make sure that the negligent party that sparked the incident covers this expense.

  • End-of-life expenses: Similarly, our team will work to make sure that the many end-of-life expenses (i.e. funeral, burial, etc.) are taken care of. If someone else caused the fatal accident, why should you be left to pay?

  • Loss of income: If the accident victim was the financial breadwinner, this could put your entire family on very shaky financial footing.

And, these are only some of the financial hardships. You’ll also be dealing with the incredible grief of losing a family member. At Jim Ross Law Group, we know what sort of money you’re entitled to and we do not rest until you get it.  Put your faith in our Arlington wrongful death lawyers and we’ll aggressively advocate on your behalf.

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