Contract Law

Putting Your Agreements in Writing

Contract disputes are perhaps the most common type of dispute to arise for business clients, but they may also be the most readily avoided. Given proper legal counsel at the beginning of a contractual relationship, you can protect your business from future adverse conflict. That’s why a significant part of our business law practice is designed to prevent contractual disputes in the future, keeping your company focused on the bottom line.

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Handling Contract Disputes for Businesses Large and Small in Arlington, Texas

If you should come to face a contractual dispute, your situation warrants the attention of a business lawyer. Please keep in mind that if the contract is a valid, enforceable contract, the dispute may lead to a breach of contract lawsuit if it is not resolved by agreement between the parties to the contract.

Furthermore, the actions of the parties following the alleged breach can impact the viability of a breach of contract claim. For example, a party may waive a claim for breach by failing to raise the issue in a timely fashion to the other party. If your Fort Worth- or Arlington-area business is a party to a contract and you suspect that the other party may not be holding up its end of the deal, contact the business lawyers at the Jim Ross Law Group right away.

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