Collin County Dog Bite Injury Attorneys

If you have been bitten, attacked or injured by a dog, the Collin County dog bite injury attorneys at Jim Ross Law Group want to hear from you. At our reputable personal injury law firm, we specialize in working with victims of dog bites and attacks, which often proves to be a dramatically traumatic experience.

Our dog bite injury attorneys in Collin County TX will work to hold a dog’s owner accountable for the actions of their pet. Under law, owners are liable for the damage and injury inflicted by their dogs. That’s why it’s paramount that dog owners take all measures possible to protect others from the unpredictable nature of their pets.

Injured by a dog? Call our Collin County dog bite injury attorneys right way

It’s important to connect with Jim Ross Law Group as soon as possible following your incident. Of course, your top priority is to seek the necessary medical attention first, but when you’re able to, connect with our team.

We’ll help you move forward with your claim so that you’re able to maximize your chances at a full and fair financial settlement. After all, the injuries inflicted by dog attacks can come with significant financial fallout. These include medical bills for your immediate care, the potential for long-term medical treatments and lost wages if your injuries hold you out of work for any amount of time.

While you focus on recovery, our team of seasoned legal professionals will build a strong case on your behalf — so strong that the negligent dog owner and their insurance company will have no other choice but to strike a fair settlement or face off with our seasoned staff in a courtroom. Our dog bite injury attorneys in Collin County TX are aggressive in our negotiations because we know that compensation is important for the long-term well being of both you and your family. We don’t take our obligations lightly!

You don’t pay until you receive your settlement

Connect with our Collin County dog bite injury attorneys right now. You don’t have to pay anything up front — and won’t pay us anything at all until we secure a settlement in your case. We’re ready to go to work for you. Connect with Jim Ross Law Group right now.

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