Collin County Mediation Lawyers

Do you have a legal case that can benefit from mediation? In many cases, mediation is preferable to filing a lawsuit. You can reach an agreement quickly, efficiently and in full confidence. If you would like to discuss your case with Jim Ross Law, contact the experienced Collin County mediation lawyers today. 

What is Mediation, Exactly? 

Mediation is a process used to resolve disputes in an amicable environment. This approach works especially well when both parties are open to the process. Many people have a “win” mentality when it comes to resolving legal disputes, but our mediation lawyers in Collin County TX encourage you not to think of it that way. Many cases are about compromising and walking away with a fair deal that works for you and the other person. 

Here are some of the cases that work best for mediation: 

  • Child support
  • Child custody 
  • Visitation 
  • Alimony
  • Divorce 
  • Probate 
  • Business 

Benefits of Working with Our Collin County Mediation Lawyers 

Jim Ross Law has decades of experience in Texas law. We have a unique background that leads us to come up with unique solutions to fighting our cases. Our firm was established by a former Marine, Texas police officer and DEA task force officer, and this individual led several prestigious law firms before opening his own practice. 

The advantage to choosing our skilled, experienced mediation lawyers in Collin County TX are: 

  • Settle your case faster – within a few hours to a few weeks 
  • Costs substantially less than going to court
  • Enjoy full confidentiality – court cases are matters of public record 
  • Have full control over the process rather than letting a judge decide
  • Communicate directly with the other person instead of through your attorneys 

Bring Your Matters to Our Mediation Lawyers in Collin County TX 

Jim Ross Law offers new clients an initial consultation. This gives us a chance to look at your case and give you an honest assessment of what you are facing. If the other person is willing to meet in mediation, this is a good sign that we can reach an agreement without going to court. 

Get in touch with our Collin County mediation lawyers and have us review your case today. 

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