Collin County Personal Injury Lawyers

When the negligence of another person or party causes you harm, don’t let them skip out on responsibility — instead, connect with the Collin County personal injury lawyers here at Jim Ross Law Group.

With decades worth of combined experience on our staff, we specialize in working with victims of all types of accidents. This means whether you’ve been injured behind the wheel of a vehicle, or on the job at your place of employment, we will come alongside you and help you map out your legal options.

Don’t go at it alone — lean on our personal injury lawyers in Collin County TX

When you decide not to hire an attorney and, instead, try to settle with the insurance company on your own, you’re potentially making a life-changing mistake. That’s because insurance companies don’t always do right by accident victims. In some cases, they’ll provide minimal compensation. In other scenarios, they’ll deny them compensation all together.

Insurance companies have lawyers of their own that are tasked with poking holes in a victim’s case. You need to match them with Collin County personal injury lawyers that will fight back.

That’s what you get with Jim Ross Law Group, where we’re aggressive in our quest to recover compensation for our clients. In fact, many accident victims choose our firm because we offer:

  • Experience and expertise: Not only have we been doing this for a long time, but we specialize in all types of personal injury cases, including dog bites, slip-and-fall accidents and fire/explosion injuries.
  • A strong track record: We’re focused on getting results for our clients and have done so in the past. We are proud that there is a long list of past clients that are happy they chose our team as their personal injury lawyers in Collin County TX.
  • A client-focused approach: Your needs should be at the forefront of all proceedings — many attorneys forget that. We take the time to talk to you about what you want to accomplish with your case and then go to work trying to achieve it.

Talk to our Collin County personal injury lawyers about your recent accident and injuries. We’re ready to provide you with the compassionate legal representation that you deserve.

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