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If you have been injured because of a defective or malfunctioning product or piece of equipment, our Collin County product liability attorneys want to hear from you. We are Jim Ross Law Group and the team at our industry-leading personal injury law firm specializes in working with those who have been injured on account of another person or party’s negligence.

Product liability cases are a big part of what we do. We work with clients who have been injured by a variety of defective products, including:

  • Drugs and pharmaceuticals: These types of cases blur the line between medical malpractice and product liability. When a drug has not been sufficiently tested and proven to be safe, or fails to inform the user on the potential risks, our product liability attorneys in Collin County TX will make sure that those responsible for bringing that dangerous drug to the market is held responsible.
  • Auto parts or automobiles: There is very little, if any, margin for error when it comes to the safety of your automobile. If your car, truck or SUV has been equipped with a defective or malfunctioning part, and it leads to an accident, all those associated with that defect should be held responsible for your accident and subsequent injuries.
  • Consumer products: You have likely heard stories in the local news about how certain products have been recalled because they are deemed dangerous to the general public. Our Collin County product liability attorneys will advocate for you in the event you have been injured by one of these dangerous products. We will trace back the path of negligence, from the company that designed and manufactured the product to the retailer that sold it to you.

The list goes on from there — ATVs, watercraft, recreational vehicles, firearms, appliances. When a product hits the market, it should be completely safe. If it isn’t, our product liability attorneys in Collin County TX will help you take action.

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