Collin County Restraining Order Lawyers

Threats to your personal safety — or to the safety of your family members — should be taken seriously at all times, which is why Jim Ross Law Group has Collin County restraining order lawyers standing at the ready when you need them.

Both personal protection and restraining orders are legal steps that you can take to protect yourself from the harassment of another person or party. Whether this person is a member of your own family, former love interest or a complete stranger, this legal maneuver will ensure your safety.

Since this is a formal legal process, you’ll want to have knowledgeable restraining order lawyers in Collin County TX in your corner to help. In order to get a restraining order or personal protection order, you must be able to prove that another person or party is threatening your personal safety. The opposing side will also get a chance to plead their case.

Jim Ross Law Group prioritizes your safety, and the safety of your family, first. Our Collin County restraining order lawyers will get you results and keep menacing people and parties at bay.

What should I do when someone is harassing me?

It’s important to take action when someone is threatening or harassing you. Don’t assume that, if you ignore it, they will stop.  It might escalate into something more serious. That’s why our restraining order lawyers in Collin County TX suggest to:

  • Contact police, especially if you are experiencing an ongoing threat. Maybe this person has shown up at your home or is in the act of stalking or harassing you. Law enforcement will be able to help remove you from this situation.
  • Contact our team. Let us know your situation. We offer consultations, which give us a chance to learn about your case and let you know if a personal protection or restraining order would be appropriate.
  • Take action. With our team in your corner, you can take legal action that will remove the threat for the long term. Personal protection, for instance, orders can last years, depending on the situation.

You should never live in fear of another person. Jim Ross Law Group is standing by to provide you with assistance via our Collin County restraining order lawyers.

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