Criminal Defense

At the Jim Ross Law Group, our criminal defense attorneys defend individuals against a variety of criminal charges, from misdemeanors to felonies. While the legal issues our clients face may differ, our commitment to helping them mitigate the consequences remains the same in all that we do. Attorney Jim Ross has long served his country and community and believes that everyone is entitled to a vigorous criminal defense. When you work with our criminal defense attorneys, protecting your rights and your future is always our main priority.

What Type Of Crime Were You Charged With?

Our Arlington criminal defense attorneys help clients address a wide range of legal issues, including:


Our firm represents individuals who have been charged with a wide range of misdemeanor offenses, such as theft, assault, stalking and trespassing.


We provide aggressive legal representation for any type of felony charge, including manslaughter, aggravated assault and arson.


Our attorneys are ready to defend against your charges of simple assault, aggravated assault, assault with a deadly weapon and battery.

Drug Crimes

Whether you were charged with a misdemeanor or felony drug offense, we are here to help. We defend those who have been accused of crimes associated with marijuana, cocaine, meth, heroin, Ecstasy and prescription drugs.

DWI Charges

We are equipped to address all DWI and DUI charges, including felony DWI, misdemeanor DWI, underage DWI and repeat DWI offense charges.


Attorney Jim Ross helps clients address all types of theft charges, including shoplifting, employee theft and motor vehicle theft.

Juvenile Criminal Defense

If your minor child has been accused of committing a crime, we can help protect his or her rights and future.

Criminal Defense For Professionals

There are certain types of professionals who are more prone to lawsuits than others, such as doctors, politicians, CEOs and bank officers. We are experienced in defending professionals against a wide range of charges.


We all know that a criminal record can have a negative effect on many areas of your life. Depending on your circumstances, you may be eligible for a criminal record expungement or sealing, thereby allowing you to move forward in life.

Arlington Criminal Defense Attorneys

If you have been accused, get our Arlington criminal defense attorneys on your side as soon as possible. Let us protect your rights and your freedom. Contact us now for a free and confidential case evaluation. We are available at 817-275-4100.

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