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If you drive for a living, a drunk driving conviction can impact more than you ever anticipated. From your sense of financial security to your ability to support your family, every aspect of your life may be affected. It is critical to work with a lawyer who understands just how much is at stake.

At the Fort Worth law office of the Jim Ross Law Group, P.C., our legal team knows how a DWI/DUI stop can affect you. We have what it takes to represent commercial drivers who have been accused of driving under the influence of alcohol — either on the job or in their personal vehicle.

Arlington-Area Occupational License DUI Attorney Jim Ross

Our founding criminal defense lawyer, Jim Ross, is a former police officer. He knows that when an officer stops someone on suspicion of drinking and driving, the officer is already building his court case. He has articulated a reason for the traffic stop, looked for signs of drinking as he spoke with you and is probably going to request that you participate in field sobriety tests (although you are not required by law to participate).

Texas law is strict on professional drivers who are caught drinking and driving with a blood alcohol concentration of .04 percent or greater. The law is especially tough if you were found to be carrying hazardous materials in your truck. You are likely facing driver’s license suspension, which can last anywhere from 24 hours to a lifetime, depending on the facts of your case.

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You may not be able to contact a criminal defense attorney immediately, but we strongly suggest that you contact us as soon as possible. Lawyers at our Texas law firm begin by taking immediate action to protect your rights, your freedom and your commercial driver’s license (CDL).

You should know that calling us is at no risk to you. Case evaluations are free and confidential, and you are never under any obligation to retain us as your law firm if you’re not 100 percent comfortable.

Get our legal team on your side as soon as possible. Let us protect your rights, your freedom and your commercial driver’s license. Call us now for a free and confidential case evaluation. We are available at 817-275-4100. You can alsocontact us online to speak with an Arlington commercial driver DWI attorney.

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