What to do if stopped for drunk driving in Texas

It can be scary and intimidating to be pulled over by the police on suspicion of drunk driving. Unfortunately, nerves and lack of knowledge can get the better of drivers when being questioned by an officer, and they may unknowingly say or do things to compromise their position.

While each individual will face a different set of circumstances, there are a number of general tips you can follow to ensure you best protect yourself and your rights. Regardless of whether or not you have been drinking, if you are pulled over:

  • Be polite to the officer.
  • Identify yourself when asked.
  • Provide requested documents.
  • Do not answer questions about if and how much you have been drinking.
  • If you are asked to step out of the car, stand upright. Do not lean against the car.
  • You will likely be video and audio taped, even inside the police car. Do not say anything incriminating.
  • Call an experienced criminal defense attorney as soon as possible.

An Aggressive Legal Defense From A Former Police Officer

If you have been charged with drunk driving, Arlington attorney Jim Ross is the one you need on your side. He used to be a police officer. He is also a former DEA agent. He knows the tactics police will use to obtain the evidence they need, and he knows that sometimes this evidence is obtained illegally. While not every drunk driving case will involve issues in illegal stops, when it does, attorney Ross is fully prepared to push for evidence dismissal. And when it doesn’t, attorney Ross can still help you fight to mitigate the consequences of your drunk driving charge.

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