Why do you need a DWI attorney?

Why Do I Need A DWI Attorney In Arlington, Texas?

When you have been charged with a DWI you may wonder if there are actually any benefits to hiring a criminal defense attorney. After all, if the state has evidence against you, like incriminating results of a Breathalyzer test, there isn’t much a lawyer can do to protect you, right? Wrong.

Retaining a lawyer to represent you in a DWI case is probably the best thing you can do for yourself at this time. When you work with a qualified attorney, like Jim Ross, you may be able to obtain better results than if you tackled this issue on your own.

Mitigating The Consequences Of A DWI Conviction

There is so much at stake when you face a DWI, especially if it is a felony charge or if you are a repeat offender. Consequences for conviction can be severe, and include:

  • Fines
  • License suspension or revocation
  • Jail time
  • Job loss
  • Denial of professional licenses
  • A permanent criminal record
  • A required ignition interlock device

Attorney Jim Ross and our Arlington, Texas, legal team understand the complex criminal judicial system and its administrative procedures. Backed by extensive experience, we also know how to work with the prosecutors to seek favorable plea deals, which can help you mitigate the consequences of your charge.

Maybe you made a one-time terrible mistake. Or maybe the DWI is indicative of a larger substance abuse problem. Regardless of your specific circumstances, we can help you work with the state’s attorney to find a favorable solution to this matter.

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