Many people are shocked at how quickly a disagreement can get out of hand. In one minute, they are simply upset. In the next, arrests are being made. The Arlington, Texas assault and battery defense attorneys of the Jim Ross Law Group, P.C., have represented many different clients facing assault charges arising from a wide range of situations.

Our clients have often been involved in assault and battery situations, in which fighting between spouses, parents, live-in girlfriends and boyfriends or other family members became serious. If police were called to your home and allegations were made, the situation can seem overwhelming. Even if the domestic violence victim decides not to take further action, the government may still press charges.

Our assault and battery defense attorneys also represent people who have been accused of crimes such as:

  • Simple assault
  • Aggravated assault
  • Battery
  • Assault with intent to inflict great bodily injury
  • Other violent crimes

Our founding and principal attorney — Jim Ross — knows the criminal justice system inside and out. Jim is a former police officer as well as a highly reputable trial lawyer. He believes that everyone is entitled to competent representation in Texas courts. Without knowledgeable legal counsel, you risk your financial and personal freedoms. That is why it is critical to contact the assault and battery defense attorneys at the Jim Ross Law Group, P.C., as soon as you suspect that you may be in legal trouble.

Quick action after an assault arrest can make a big difference in your case. Fast thinking means that your attorney has more options. He or she may be able to prevent matters from getting worse and may be able to have charges dropped or reduced to a lesser included offense. Your options depend on the unique facts and laws that affect your case.

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Arlington Sex Crime Attorneys

Being charged with a sexual offense places you in a very difficult position. Consequences for conviction can be severe and include an extended prison sentence as well as mandatory inclusion on the sex offenders’ registry. While thoughts of incarceration are frightening, living as a registered sex offender can also carry an embarrassing social stigma, causing a lifetime of problems.

Arlington, Texas Domestic Violence Lawyer

There are many reasons why incidents of domestic violence occur. Sometimes a couple is in the middle of a divorce and a heated argument goes too far. Other times alcohol may fuel a household fight. And in many instances, a person makes a one-time terrible mistake when he or she threatens or injures a family member.

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