Criminal Defense for Professionals

Tarrant County Criminal Defense.

Jim Ross Knows The Justice System.

Jim Ross is a former police officer, so he knows the criminal justice system inside and out. He and his associates are also highly reputable trial lawyers in Tarrant and Dallas County. The Jim Ross Law Group believes all people are entitled to competent representation. In fact, the system demands it. When your financial and personal freedoms are on the line, call on the Jim Ross Law Group at 817-275-4100 to mount a strong defense.

Many respected people face criminal charges (or the potential for criminal charges) during the course of their professional and personal lives. Due to the complicated laws surrounding the careers of lawyers, doctors, politicians, CEOs, bank officers and others, professionals often find themselves in a situation where it could appear they may have violated the law. In these cases, hiring a criminal defense attorney early can help you protect your interests and improve your outlook later on.

Protecting Yourself As A Witness.

Grand Jury and Trial Testimony.

If you’ve been called to deliver testimony, or witness before a grand jury, it is in your best interest to hire a criminal defense attorney. Even if you are not considered a suspect in any crime, the testimony you give could expose you to potential charges, including perjury. As a witness, you have rights under the law. The Jim Ross Law Group can help defend your best interest and protect your reputation.

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