Criminal Defense for Juveniles

Troubled Kids Need Juvenile Criminal Defense Attorneys They Can Level With

Sometimes even the best kids can find themselves in trouble. The good news is, the juvenile justice system is focused on rehabilitation — not on punishment like the adult justice system. Encouraging accountability in adolescents and nipping dangerous tendencies in the bud is the goal of the juvenile justice system. As a dad and a lawyer, Jim Ross knows this is a crucial time in your child’s life, and an opportunity to teach your child a lesson about the law.

Regardless of innocence or guilt, children deserve competent juvenile criminal defense attorneys to defend their rights, improve their legal outlook and level with them at a time when it may seem there is no one they can trust. Children without a juvenile criminal defense attorney are especially vulnerable to being steamrolled by the judicial system, as kids can be easily intimidated and confused by detectives, police officers and district attorneys. The juvenile defense attorneys at Jim Ross Law Group listen to you, and your child. We get to the facts, and put forth the strongest possible defense.

The juvenile criminal defense attorneys at the Jim Ross Law Group will fight for you and your child, every step of the way. Our clients’ best interest is our passion, and kids are no exception. To schedule a free consultation with Jim Ross Law Group please call 817-275-4100.

Will My Child Be Tried As An Adult?

If your child is between the ages of 10 and 16 and has been apprehended for alleged delinquent behavior, your child will most likely be charged as a juvenile, not as an adult. If your child is under the age of 17 at the time of the crime, he or she will typically not be prosecuted as an adult.

However, the Texas Juvenile Code allows for a teenager who is at least 15 years old to be prosecuted as an adult if he or she commits a felony. If the child has committed a capital felony, an aggravated drug-related felony or a first-degree felony, then he or she may be charged as an adult at age 14.

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