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In drug-related cases, the severity of drug charges varies with the type and weight of drug involved. Large quantities of drugs or quantities that are individually bagged for sale may lead to charges of drug possession with the intent to distribute.

No matter what the quantity involved, a strong criminal defense often comes down to making sure illegally gotten evidence stays out. Your defense lawyer must be able to assess the applicability of search and seizure laws, assess whether valid consent to any search was given and analyze the validity of any search warrants.

At the Jim Ross Law Group, P.C., this is part of our thorough and effective defense. Regardless of the type or amount of drugs involved, we can help:

Our founding and principal attorney — Jim Ross — is a former police officer and a former DEA task force agent in addition to being a criminal defense attorney. His experience gives him a unique perspective on the law. Jim knows what the government is looking for when it investigates a person for a drug crime. He knows when prosecutors have illegally gotten evidence against you or when the evidence is not enough for a conviction to be likely.

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