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Addressing Your Drug Charges

Throughout the Arlington and Greater Fort Worth areas, there are a number of illegal substances that cause individuals to find trouble with the law.

At the Jim Ross Law Group, we defend clients against a range of drug crimes involving a variety of drugs, such as:

Intelligent Defense Against A Range Of Drug Possession Crimes

As a former police officer and Drug Enforcement Agency task force officer, attorney Jim Ross is uniquely equipped to help clients who have been charged with any type of drug crime, involving any kind of drug. He understands the complex search and seizure issues that can come into play during a drug case, and he knows exactly where to look for illegally obtained evidence.

Even when police have played by the rules during your arrest, attorney Jim Ross still knows how to work with prosecutors to obtain favorable pleas, and, if necessary, is ready to defend your matter at trial. While there are no guaranteed outcomes when you have been charged with a drug crime, our entire legal team is committed to protecting your rights and your freedom by any legal means necessary.

Tarrant County Drug Possession Lawyers

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