Criminal records can have a lasting impact on your life, long after the incident occurred. Even if you were never formally convicted, you may still face challenges when looking for a job or an apartment. When your past charge or arrest start to negatively impact your life, it could be time to look into sealing your record.

How Can I Clear My Criminal Record?

At Jim Ross Law Group, our nondisclosure & expungement attorneys understand the frustrations you feel from having a criminal record. The good news is, our legal team may be able to help you clean the slate and obtain a fresh start.

There are two potential methods for concealing or clearing your criminal record:

Expungements: An expungement will permanently erase the criminal incident from your record. After your record has been expunged, your past arrest and/or charge will no longer be public record. In the majority of cases, police will not have access to this information either. Expunction is available if:

  • Your criminal charges were dropped
  • Your case was dismissed
  • You were acquitted of the charges in court
  • You were found guilty of a crime but the conviction was later overturned

Petition for nondisclosure: If you entered into a plea of deferred adjudication (guilty/no contest) and avoided formal conviction, you may be able to petition for nondisclosure after a probationary period is completed. After obtaining this record seal, you can legally deny that you were ever convicted of a crime, except in the event of future criminal proceedings.

The Complexities of Expungements and Nondisclosures

It is important to remember that there are always exceptions to expungements and nondisclosures. Certain crimes are not eligible, and certain government bodies may still have access to your records. And some professionals, such as nurses and teachers, may still have to disclose expunged records to their employers. Due to all of the legal complexities, it is highly important to work with an experienced attorney on your expungement or nondisclosure matter.

Nondisclosure & Expungement Attorneys in Texas

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