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At Jim Ross Law Group, our Dallas County defective product lawyers are ready to go to work for you, helping you recover compensation that you are owed following an accident involving a defective product.

Any party that designs and manufactures products — whether it is one of the thousands of basic consumer products or something as complex as a medical device — must do so with great care. Products that are used by other people need to be completely safe and comply with all laws and regulations.

Unfortunately, that isn’t always the case. You may occasionally hear on the news about products that have been recalled because they are deemed dangerous or hazardous to the public. This is an example of product liability law in action, and we have defective product lawyers in Dallas County TX that can help you if you find yourself in this position.

Hold manufacturers accountable with our Dallas County defective product lawyers

From home appliances to beauty care products and medicine — there are many different things that you use everyday that could cause you potential harm if they were flawed. That’s why product developers and manufacturers have to be so careful to only bring a completely safe product to market.

When they don’t, it can lead to a single incident or perhaps even a string of them. Victims of defective products can sustain both short-term and long-term injuries in addition to dealing with general pain and suffering in the future. Why should you be left to pay for all that when a negligent party is to blame for your injuries?

At Jim Ross Law Group, our defective product lawyers in Dallas County TX will go to bat for you. We will determine the cause of your accident and injuries and identify the negligent parties in your case. Once we have done that, we will assign a fair value to your case and go to work pursuing compensation.

While we always hope that the insurance companies will offer fair compensation to victims, that doesn’t always happen. In those cases, we don’t mind going to court to fight it out for our clients.

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