Dallas County Divorce Attorneys

Need a team of Dallas County divorce attorneys to represent your divorce case? Jim Ross Law will be happy to review your case and determine the best solutions. We are extremely thorough and want our clients to consider all proposals. You just never know what keeping an open mind can do! 

Divorce cases are often difficult as there is a lot of emotion involved. But our divorce attorneys in Dallas County TX are here to make things as painless as possible. We are effective negotiators and litigators who are prepared to fight for your rights throughout the entire case! 

Skilled, Experienced Dallas County Divorce Attorneys 

Jim Ross Law has decades of combined experience. Our firm was established by a former Marine, Texas police officer and DEA task force manager. With this type of background, it’s safe to assume we’ve seen it all! We know how the law works and how it applies to divorce in Texas. 

Our relationship with a client starts with an initial consultation. This is where our divorce attorneys in Dallas County TX will look over your case and determine what types of options you have. You’ll need to consider your wants and needs for child support, child custody and division of assets. 

We find that divorce cases can be finalized faster when both parties know what they want and what they are willing to compromise on. However, working together isn’t the norm in divorce cases. This is why you need a dedicated and experienced team of lawyers by your side! 

Why Choose Our Divorce Attorneys in Dallas County TX 

Jim Ross Law is an experienced law firm that has extensive mediation and litigation experience. We will protect your best interests at all times. But, there are some important things to know. First, don’t go into a divorce with the intention of “beating” your ex. There’s seldom a true winner. 

Typically, both parties need to compromise on certain things, so being open can be helpful to your case. We work closely with our clients to focus on the path that is best for them. Keeping focused on the solution can help the case move quicker, saving you time, money and emotional energy. 

Second, by choosing our Dallas County divorce attorneys, you can expect: 

  • Flexible payment plans
  • Reasonable rates 
  • Proven track record 
  • Experienced mediators and litigators 
  • Fast response times 

Want our Dallas County divorce attorneys to look over your case? Contact Jim Ross Law for a consultation! 

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