Dallas County Mediation Lawyers

Many cases benefit from mediation. The mediation process is an alternative form of dispute resolution that happens outside of the courtroom. You’ll work with a neutral team of Dallas County mediation lawyers who will help guide conversations in a positive direction.

If you would like our mediation lawyers in Dallas County TX to review your case, contact Jim Ross Law today. Our experienced law firm will determine whether mediation is a good solution and the next steps to getting started. 

How to Ensure a Successful Mediation

Mediation works best when both parties are open to the process and willing to negotiate. We recommend mediation for most non-criminal cases such as divorce, spousal support, probate, child custody and child support. 

Here are some tips – straight from our Dallas County mediation lawyers – that will help make mediation more successful. 

  • Willingness to listen. Even though the other party probably isn’t in your good graces right now, it’s still important to listen to their side and look at things from their perspective.
  • Preparedness. Preparing for mediation with your mediation lawyers in Dallas County TX is important. You should know what issues you’re going to discuss and how they might be resolved.
  • Open to various solutions. You and the other party must enter mediation with the intention to be reasonable in your discussions. Mediation is not about getting everything you want – it’s about compromising and getting a fair deal.
  • Right support. Choose your Dallas County mediation lawyers carefully. You want a team that will represent your best interests and help you come to a solution that’s right for the both of you. 

Meet with Our Mediation Lawyers in Dallas County TX Today 

Jim Ross Law has a proven track record when it comes to mediations. We have helped many people resolve their disputes without having to go to court. This saves significant time, money and stress, especially if children are involved. 

Our law firm offers an initial consultation to new clients, so contact our Dallas County mediation lawyers today to meet with us. We’ll be happy to hear about your case and determine the best ways we can help. 

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