Dallas County Prenuptial Agreement Attorneys

If you are interested in learning about the benefits associated with a prenuptial agreement, then the team at Jim Ross Law Group welcome you consult with our Dallas County prenuptial agreement attorneys for help.

Although many marrying couples find the idea of a prenuptial agreement to be distasteful, the truth is that a growing number of marriages end in divorce and prenups can help speed that process if it arrives. Think of it as an insurance policy for your marriage — you don’t necessarily want to use it, but it’s there in case you need it.

A trusted resource for prenuptial agreements

A team member from Jim Ross Law Group will help you draft a prenup that suits your specific needs, clarifying key financial information to make sure that you can keep your own property if your marriage dissolves. 

You shouldn’t have to spend valuable time and money fighting to retain control of personal keepsakes or your own business interests. This is why using prenuptial agreement attorneys in Dallas County TX to create a prenup is almost always a wise choice.

Also, prenups extend far past simple property division in the event of a divorce. Drafting a contract with our Dallas County prenuptial agreement attorneys means you will also have an important estate-planning document in the event of the death of one spouse. 

This is particularly relevant for business owners that may want to transfer ownership of their organization to their spouse after death. Prenuptial agreements are not always fail-safes in the event of a divorce, as a prenuptial agreement attorneys in Dallas County TX can explain. However, if you do end up divorcing, a prenup can provide your attorneys with a valuable guide to your wishes, allowing both parties to resolve the matter quicker and with less effort.

The legal professionals on staff at Jim Ross Law Group have experience in this area of divorce law. We will help you establish prenuptial agreements that will speed divorce proceedings by clarifying:

  • Ownership of separate property, or those holdings that were brought into the marriage by each party
  • Property division related to retirement accounts, real estate holdings and other complex assets
  • How joint business ventures should be handled
  • Which party is owed alimony, how much and for long

Our Dallas County prenuptial agreement attorneys will help you determine exactly what you need to address in your marriage contract, allowing you to feel more secure in the knowledge that you will be able to retain your personal property in the event of a dissolution. Consultations are key — get started now.

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