Dallas County Restraining Order Lawyers

No one deserves threats or harassment, and if you’re facing this situation, our Dallas County restraining order lawyers want to hear from you so that we can provide you with a solution.

We are Jim Ross Law Group, and our team is devoted to working with our clients to help them feel safe and secure. This means that our restraining order lawyers in Dallas County TX will help you take the proper legal steps in addressing a person or party that is posing a threat to your peace and safety.

File for a personal protection order or restraining order

Both of these are legal measures you can take to keep a threatening individual away from you. These orders are a little different in nature and our Dallas County restraining order lawyers can walk you through those differences and help you decide which one might be best for you.

In short, a restraining order is generally easier to obtain and you don’t have to testify in court to get one. However, these orders are only enforceable by the court and not law enforcement. This means, if the person or party violates the terms of your restraining order, you’ll have to take the matter to court.

A personal protection order can be more effective in the sense that, if someone violates the order, you can call police and law enforcement could potentially put that individual into custody. For a personal protection order, you’ll need to testify in court, in front of a judge, about why you need protection from a person or party. Our Dallas County restraining order lawyers can make sure that you are prepared for this important hearing.

Guard your safety with our restraining order lawyers in Dallas County TX

Domestic violence situations are nothing to take lightly. They often escalate into something very serious. Don’t take any chances. If a family member, or even a complete stranger, is threatening or harassing you, keep them away by taking the proper legal steps.

Jim Ross Law Group has Dallas County restraining order lawyers that prioritize your safety, and the safety of your family members. We’re here to help protect you. Connect with our team right now to get started.

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