Dallas County Spousal Support Lawyers

Spousal support is often one of the most contentious issues associated with a divorce, and the Jim Ross Law Group is ready to help you navigate it seamlessly with our Dallas County spousal support lawyers.

Spousal support, or alimony, is a tool used to ensure that both divorcing spouses can establish their new, single lives on even financial footing. Too often, one spouse generates more income than the other. Or, in some cases, one spouse might not work at all. No one should be put at a disadvantage because they sacrificed their professional endeavors for the good of the relationship.

That’s why our spousal support lawyers in Dallas County TX work hard to secure spousal support payments for the men and women that deserve them. Whether you think you might be owed these payments, or are on the hook to pay them and would like to minimize the amount, our team is ready to work with you.

Seasoned Dallas County spousal support lawyers that are ready to work with you

When sorting through the issue of spousal support in your divorce, our team works to define the three most basic and important questions associated with the process:

  • Who is responsible to pay? If one spouse sacrificed their ability to earn income over the course of a marriage, they should be compensated for that sacrifice. So many factors play a role in determining if someone is owed spousal support and our spousal support lawyers in Dallas County TX will consider those as we determine who is responsible to pay.
  • How much money? Family court judges have a fairly significant say in this process, which is why it’s important to work with qualified attorneys that can calculate a fair and appropriate sum and then back up that sum with evidence and a sound argument.
  • For how long? While some spouses can be forced to pay child support for long periods of time, this is still a temporary measure. Determining how long these payments will be carried out is an important step in the process.

Do you have questions about alimony? How about other aspects of your divorce? At Jim Ross Law Group, we have Dallas County spousal support lawyers that are ready to consult with you. Schedule your session.

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