Dallas Defective Product Lawyers

Here at the Jim Ross Law Group, our Dallas defective product lawyers are ready to work with anyone who has been injured by the faulty design or manufacturing of a product.

All parties involved with designing and manufacturing a product have a responsibility to make sure that product is completely safe and effective. When they cut corners in their manufacturing processes — oftentimes to save money — it can create flaws in their product, which are capable of causing injury.

Jim Ross Law Group has a team of defective product lawyers in Dallas TX that will work alongside you in the event you were injured by a faulty product. They will go to work documenting the flaws in the product — anything from a consumer product to prescription drugs or medical equipment — and noting who was negligent in bringing that product to market.

Our Dallas defective product lawyers also focus on the nature of your injuries and the economic challenges that can potentially result. You should never be left to face potential financial hardship because of someone else’s negligence. We’ll assign a fair value on your case and aggressively work to recover that compensation from the negligent parties and their insurance providers.

We have experienced defective product lawyers in Dallas TX

When it comes to personal injury cases involving defective products, you have a variety of unique circumstances to maneuver around. For instance, it’s vital that you understand the statute of limitations that is placed on such cases so that you don’t try to file a lawsuit that is promptly thrown out.

At Jim Ross Law Group, we have Dallas defective product lawyers who have dealt with these types of cases for decades combined. They will help you take steps forward in holding product designers and manufacturers accountable for their negligence and seeking money that you are rightfully owed.

Tell us about your accident and injuries

If you have been injured due to a faulty product of any kind, focus on recovering while competent legal professionals handle your case. The Dallas defective product lawyers on staff at Jim Ross Law Group are standing by to discuss your case with you.

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