Dallas Dog Bite Injury Attorneys

Thousands of dog bites and attacks play out in Texas each year, and if you’re one of the many victims of such incidents, you can benefit from working with Jim Ross Law Group and our Dallas dog bite injury attorneys. 

Our professional staff of qualified attorneys may be able to help you recover financial damages for medical costs related to your dog bite incident. After all, many dog bite victims need medical attention after they have been attacked — many of those are children that face life altering injuries.

At Jim Ross Law Group, we staff some of the most experienced dog bite injury attorneys in Dallas TX, providing you with the assurance and security you need when facing a dog owner in court.

Dog bites can be severe — we want to help you recover

Dog attacks can lead to serious and unique injuries for men, women and children. Many of them even require reconstructive procedures while other instances can prove deadly. These instances not only can lead to life-changing injuries but also leave a lasting emotional and psychological impact on a victim.

Children are among the most vulnerable populations for dog bites. Our Dallas dog bite injury attorneys understand the seriousness of your situation. A simple dog bite can turn into a severe condition without much prompting. That is where our team of attorneys are ready to step in.

Our highly qualified dog bite injury attorneys in Dallas TX know that victims deserve the best and most extensive medical care after an attack. Health experts say that this most often includes:

  • Antibiotics for high-risk wounds
  • Post-exposure treatment for rabies
  • Sutures, irrigation and cleansing
  • Ongoing management of the wound to prevent infection

At Jim Ross Law Group, we believe that our clients should receive the best possible medical care while negligent parties and their insurance companies pay for it. Our Dallas dog bite injury attorneys will aggressively seek the financial damages you need to pay for the ongoing medical treatments associated with your dog bite. We’ll also seek financial compensation from the dog’s owner, providing you with damages for pain and suffering, emotional distress and a variety of other punitive claims. Get started immediately — connect with us for a free case review.

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