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Welcome to Jim Ross Law Group, where our Dallas spousal support lawyers will provide you with legal help — even years after a divorce. If you find yourself on the hook for paying alimony to an ex-spouse who is now cohabitating with a new romantic partner, it is time to contact the Jim Ross Law Group. 

Many of our clients are surprised to learn that changes in their ex-spouse’s life or financial situation can lead to modifications in an alimony agreement. Whether you feel like you’re unnecessarily paying alimony, or that you’re owed these payments, seek the help of our spousal support lawyers in Dallas TX.

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Various types of alimony exist throughout the nation. The team at Jim Ross Law Group will help you determine which type of spousal support you are currently paying. Options for alimony include:

  • Temporary alimony, designed to be paid only while the divorce is pending
  • Short-term alimony, which only lasts for a few years, 
  • Rehabilitative support, providing financial resources for a specific goal such as achieving a college degree
  • Long-term alimony, which has largely fallen out of favor with family courts.

Ex-spouses that pay alimony often require the assistance of our spousal support lawyers in Dallas TX if the alimony recipient begins cohabitating with a new partner. In many instances, ex-spouses delay marrying their new partner so they can continue receiving alimony payments. 

However, alimony can terminate before remarriage occurs, if the other party determines that the recipient’s financial situation has substantially changed. You may be eligible for an alimony recalculation or dismissal if you discover that your ex is living with someone new.

We also work closely with divorcing spouses to determine who might be responsible to pay alimony. If our clients sacrificed their professional lives for the good of their marriages, we don’t want to see them suffer financially post-divorce, which is why we help them seek spousal support to make them financially whole again.

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At Jim Ross Law Group, our Dallas spousal support lawyers are ready to help you pick through the intricacies of alimony. We offer consultations — contact our team today to learn more about your options.

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