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Welcome to Jim Ross Law Group, where our Dallas wills and estate attorneys are here to protect the legacy that you have built throughout the course of your entire life.

The ability to generate wealth that can be passed on to proceeding generations of the family is what drives many men and women to work so hard. They want to make sure that, not only are their one financial needs taken care of, but that it can profoundly impact the rest of their family tree in the future.

And, that’s why it’s so important to work with competent wills and estate attorneys in Dallas TX — to ensure that your assets are distributed exactly how you would like them to be, instead of getting caught in limbo in probate court. Here at Jim Ross Law Group, we’re a trusted estate planning attorney that can help you in all aspects of your estate planning efforts, including:

  • Creating a comprehensive estate plan. While establishing a living will is one of the most common and important aspects of estate planning, proper estate planning can include many other measures, too. This is especially true for high net worth individuals. Our Dallas wills and estate attorneys want to help you leverage every possible tool to shield your wealth from unnecessary taxes and fees and ensure that it reaches its intended destination when you have passed away.
  • Review your estate plan. One of the more common mistakes made while estate planning is putting a plan in place and forgetting about it. Your estate plan is something that needs to grow alongside you. As you go through changes in your life (i.e. marriage, having children, etc.), your estate plan will also need to change in order to reflect your evolving wishes and needs. The staff at Jim Ross Law Group will help you review your plan to make sure it’s still doing everything you want it to do.

Our wills and estate attorneys in Dallas TX approach these processes like a teacher. We want to empower you with knowledge on all things estate planning so that you can make informed, intelligent decisions that will have a major impact on your family.

Protect your wealth and legacy by teaming up with our Dallas wills and estate attorneys. The team at Jim Ross Law Group is standing by to hear from you.

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