Denton County Adoption Attorneys

If you are someone interested in embarking on the adoption process, then it’s important to surround yourself with only knowledgeable and experienced Denton County adoption attorneys.

You can find both knowledge and experience on staff here at Jim Ross Law Group, where we provide a wide range of clients with family law representation. Our speciality areas range from divorce – and all the various issues that accompany it — to adoption.

With our adoption attorneys in Denton County TX by your side, you can take on a legally intricate and often-cumbersome process with complete confidence. While our team focuses on all the legal leg work, you can prepare for one of the most rewarding jobs of all: Becoming a parent to a child.

Denton County adoption attorneys to help you through each phase of the process

Adoption, by design, is a lengthy process. The courts want to make sure that they are leaving children in the care of capable, loving adults that will help them grow and succeed in life. The attorneys on staff at Jim Ross Law Group will help you take on each phase of the adoption process.

While this process looks a little different depending on what type of adoption you’re embarking on, some of the basic steps include:

  • Filing your petition with the court. To get the process started, our adoption attorneys in Denton County TX will help you inform the state that you plan to adopt a child.
  • The home study and interview process. The courts must determine that you are a suitable parent and equipped to care for any child or children you are planning to adopt. This means that they will visit with you to see for themselves.
  • Terminating parental rights. Before adopting a child, the state must first terminate the rights to that child. A biological parent or even a child placement agency might hold these rights before they are transferred to you.
  • Temporary placement. While not all adoptions involve this step, in some cases, a child can be placed in the home while final legal custody is granted.

Our Denton County adoption attorneys want to make sure that you don’t become overwhelmed with this process, rather, can take joy in the adoption process. If you’re planning to adopt, connect with our team and let’s talk about the ways we can help.

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