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Determining who a child lives with and who makes their decisions is a major source of contention for couples going through divorce. The Denton County child custody attorneys from Jim Ross Law have helped countless families navigate their child custody cases. We won’t just fight for your rights but your child’s best interests as well. 

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Texas Child Custody Laws: What You Need to Know 

Child custody cases are usually emotionally exhausting because both parents are fighting for time with their child. However, it’s usually best to agree to a child custody order through mediations or negotiations. This gives you full control over the process. If the courts have to step in, a judge will make the decision. 

Here are a few things our Denton County child custody attorneys feel every client should know: 

  • The courts have several options when determining child custody. This includes: 

  • Sole custody is where one parent has exclusive rights to make decisions for their child. The child also resides with this parent. 
    • Joint legal custody happens when the child lives primarily with one parent but both parents make decisions. The other parent has visitation rights. 
    • Shared custody means the child spends at least 35% of their time with each parent and lives among two residences. Both parents make decisions. 

  • It’s best when you can resolve child custody cases outside of litigation. Not only does this give you more flexibility, but also it improves relationships between children and their parents. 

  • You can file a petition seeking a child custody modification at any time. If you cannot modify the order on your own, you’ll have to go through the courts. 

Our Denton County Child Custody Attorneys Will Fight for You! 

Jim Ross Law is a skilled and experienced law firm with decades of combined experience. We know how emotionally charged child custody cases can be, but our lawyers are successful at staying on track and working toward a solution. While we try to settle most cases in mediation, we are prepared for litigation if necessary. 

Reasons to choose our child custody attorneys in Denton County TX are: 

  • Competitive rates 
  • Flexible payment plans
  • Proven track record 
  • Seasoned litigators 
  • Fast response times 

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