Denton County Dog Bite Injury Attorneys

When “man’s best friend” turns into an enemy — even for a brief moment — it is time to consult with the Denton County dog bite injury attorneys on staff here at Jim Ross Law Group. Our firm specializes in working with victims of dog bites and attacks.

Dog attacks can lead to serious injuries and ongoing emotional distress, including PTSD. Victims deserve special care in managing their cases so that they can get what they deserve while also focusing on their own personal recovery.

At Jim Ross Law Group, our team has successfully settled hundreds of personal injury cases, many of them including premises liability elements such as dog bites and animal attacks. Our dog bite injury attorneys in Denton County TX make sure that you get the financial resources you need to treat your medical and emotional needs, allowing you the peace of mind to move on after an injurious incident. Trust our staff to represent your interests during the negotiation process.

Our Denton County dog bite injury attorneys help attack victims

Prompt medical attention is vital after a dog bite to avoid consequences such as infection and other complications. Our attorneys can help clients with this aspect of their case. You can lean on our team of attorneys from the very beginning — we’ll walk with you from start to finish.

Our dog bite injury attorneys in Denton County TX know that identifying the owner of an animal can, surprisingly, sometimes be quite difficult. The owner of the animal is legally responsible for compensating any victims of dog bites, often through homeowner’s insurance policies.

Many owners are hesitant to concede that their dog may be dangerous — it’s their beloved pets. Our staff is dedicated to holding these owners accountable for their animals’ actions. With the help of Denton County dog bite injury attorneys, you can get the money you need and deserve, allowing you to receive necessary medical treatment and compensation for your emotional distress. Contact the Jim Ross Law Group right now and tell us about your recent run-in with a dog.

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