Denton County Premises Liability Attorneys

Slips, trips and falls might seem like innocent accidents, but often, they are caused by the negligence of another person and party — and our Denton County premises liability attorneys are ready to hold them accountable.

We are Jim Ross Law Group, and we invite you to tap into our personal injury law knowledge and experience if you have been injured on someone else’s property. This could be anywhere from a mall or sports stadium to an apartment complex or educational institution.

When you are on someone else’s property, you should not have to worry about hazards that could potentially injury you. The onus is on the property owner to maintain a safe area. When they ignore certain hazards, and someone is injured as a result, they are liable.

As longtime premises liability attorneys in Denton County TX, our team helps our clients navigate these types of cases, first by identifying the cause of your injuries and negligent parties that contributed to them and negotiating with those negligent individuals to establish a fair monetary settlement.

Our Denton County premises liability attorneys also have litigation experience and are willing to fight for your right to compensation in a courtroom, as well.

Get helpful insight from leaning premises liability attorneys in Denton County TX

Often, when someone is injured on public or private property, they assume blame. Many victims think that their injuries were a result of their own clumsiness. Jim Ross Law Group can provide you with an unbiased assessment of your case and whether or not you might be eligible to file a claim.

We don’t take on cases that we don’t think we’re successful with — why would we want to waste our time and yours? Instead, we select clients that we know that we can help and then move forward aggressively advocating for your legal rights.

We want to help you move past a traumatic, injurious event and put you on the road to recovery. Connect with Jim Ross Law Group right now and chat with our Denton County premises liability attorneys on what you can do next.

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