Denton County Prenuptial Agreement Attorneys

While planning for a potential divorce before you even get married might seem counterproductive at first blush, working with Denton County prenuptial agreement attorneys can, in many ways, help you improve your relationship. 

According to a variety of experts, the discussions involved in drafting a prenup can improve your intimacy and demonstrate a more mature level of communication for those who are looking to tie the knot. 

Even if you have never thought of pursuing a prenup before, the time may be right for you to draft such a document before your wedding. A prenup has far more value than you may have initially thought. The team at Jim Ross Law Group is ready to work with you on this important process.

Work with our Denton County prenuptial agreement attorneys

Drafting a prenup is seen as a critical step toward marriage for many couples in the modern age. Even if you do not have a massive amount of personal property when you enter the marriage, a prenuptial agreement can protect your future earnings and even make the execution of your estate easier. 

At Jim Ross Law Group, we can sit you down with an expert in prenups, who will help you and your soon-to-be spouse identify those special assets that should not be considered during a divorce proceeding, dividing “marital property” from your previous holdings. 

As your prenuptial agreement attorneys in Denton County TX, the Jim Ross Law Group will also help you create a document to guide the division of assets such as:

  • Retirement accounts (i.e. 401(k) accounts and IRAs)
  • Real estate assets including homes
  • Business assets from co-owned operations

Consult with our prenuptial agreement attorneys in Denton County TX

The staff at Jim Ross Law Group knows that prenups are valuable beyond a divorce proceeding. These documents also help with property division in cases where one spouse dies. With so much at stake, you can’t afford not to think about obtaining a prenup. Contact our Denton County prenuptial agreement attorneys and walk through the process with an expert by your side.

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