Denton County Restraining Order Lawyers

At Jim Ross Law Group, we have Denton County restraining order lawyers on our team that are ready to help you take action against a threatening party or individual. You deserve safety, security and peace of mind — and our team is going to help you find it.

Your safety is our primary concern

Our restraining order lawyers in Denton County TX are here to serve men and women that find they are being harassed or threatened by another individual. This might be a former love interest, family member or even a complete stranger.

Regardless of the case, our Denton County restraining order lawyers will talk to you about your options and then walk you through the formal legal process to help you obtain either a restraining order or personal protection order.

Both of these measures have their benefits. For instance a restraining order is easier and quicker to obtain and doesn’t require you to testify in court. However, it’s only enforceable by the courts and not law enforcement.

Personal protection orders, on the other hand, are enforceable by the police. And, when a person or party violates the order, they can be taken into custody. Our restraining order lawyers in Denton County TX will gauge your needs and help you take action.

Rely on Jim Ross Law Group for your legal needs

Restraining orders and personal protection orders unfortunately are often needed for former love interests or family members when conflict arises. Not only can Jim Ross Law Group help you through this process, but we’re a full-service family law firm that can walk you through other conflicts, including the many that arise over the course of a divorce.

From protecting your assets during a divorce to striking a fair agreement when it comes to child support, spousal support and child custody — we’re your advocates throughout this tough time and will make sure to represent your best interests the entire way.

Whether you’re looking for Denton County restraining order lawyers that will protect your safety and well being, or you’re facing another family conflict, Jim Ross Law Group invites you to connect with our team and put qualified attorneys in your corner.

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