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Have you consulted with qualified Denton County wills and estate attorneys about using trusts and other effective tools within your estate plan? While some may believe that trusts are only for the exceptionally wealthy, the truth is that trusts can be appropriate for a wide variety of clients.

Our team at Jim Ross Law Group will help you bypass the difficulties associated with probate, allowing your beneficiaries to reap the benefits from your estate faster and without as many barriers. Even if you have never considered the use of a trust, we encourage you to talk to our wills and estate attorneys in Denton County TX and learn more about their potential benefits.

Our Denton County wills and estate attorneys assist with comprehensive estate planning

In addition to saving time in probate court, trusts could potentially reduce estate taxes and eliminate some court fees. Our Denton County wills and estate attorneys will explain to you how trusts can potentially:

  • Protect your legacy by limiting the reach of your beneficiaries’ creditors
  • Control distributions of your wealth after your death,
  • Keep you estate proceedings out of probate, which also keeps it out of public record

At Jim Ross Law Group, our wills and estate attorneys in Denton County TX can help you identify the perfect trust for your individual estate needs. Our attorneys can help you manage distributions to a variety of beneficiaries, including family members, business partners and even charitable groups. 

Explore the available estate planning tools by consulting with Jim Ross Law Group

An array of trust options exist, including revocable trusts that allow assets to pass out of probate while still remaining in your control throughout your lifetime. We know how to find the right trust for your family and business needs. We’re also a great resource for all other aspects of your estate plan, too. You can have complete peace of mind that, no matter what happens in life, you have a solid plan in place.

Let our Denton County wills and estate attorneys do the research and the heavy lifting, providing you with the assurance you need and ensuring that your property is properly distributed after your death. Let’s chat via an initial consultation.

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