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“The kid stays in the picture.” — It’s more than a phrase or a movie title. At the Jim Ross Law Group, P.C., it’s the way we handle family law matters. We know that children come first so when we work with parents, we do everything possible within the scope of the law to help parents protect the best interests of their children.

Parents usually know what’s best for their children. But sometimes it can be difficult to get your co-parent or the court to agree. Lawyers at our Arlington family law firm represent parents throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area of Texas, making clear legal arguments that protect your relationship with your child.

We handle matters related to enforcement and modification of child custody and visitation. Generally, it is illegal for parents to withhold visitation with a child in violation of an existing court order. If a parent does not want the child to visit the other parent, he or she must have the order changed. Simply keeping the child from the other parent is not allowed.

If your co-parent is keeping your child from you after a divorce or paternity proceeding, you may be able to take legal action. The courts often side with parents who have been deprived of time with their children, just because of adult matters like jealousy or minor issues that do not put the child in danger.

Our law firm also helps in matters of child support enforcement. Each case is different. Depending on the situation, we represent people who have fallen behind on child support payments. We also represent people who are owed child support by “deadbeat dads” who refuse to pay. If you have experienced a child support nonpayment issue, we can help.

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