Difficult Child Custody Disputes

Child Custody Lawyers: Handling Difficult Disputes with Responsibility

Child custody disputes are often the most difficult issues to resolve between separated parents, as each parent may have their own polarized ideas about how to proceed. Divorce doesn’t mean breaking up a family. When children are in the picture, you want a Texas child custody lawyer who can sensibly advocate for both the best interest of your children and your rights as their parent, so that you and your ex can come to an amicable and fair agreement for the sake of your child.

Living Arrangements: Sole Custody, Joint Custody

A child’s living arrangements are especially important. Possible outcomes include joint managing conservatorship (commonly known as “joint custody”), in which a child spends substantial time living with each parent. Alternatively, a sole managing conservatorship (“sole custody”) requires the child to live with one parent, while the other parent has scheduled visitation. In certain circumstances, it’s also a possibility that grandparents or other relatives may receive guardianship.

Responsible, Reasonable Child Support

Any of these living arrangements may call for child support payments to the parent who is the child’s primary decision maker and caretaker. Having a competent, measured divorce attorney handle your child custody dispute can help avoid emotional drama now and head off conflict or financial difficulties that may put both you and your child in a difficult situation.

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