Legal vs. Physical Custody

Issues in Managing Conservatorship: Physical and Legal Custody

In the State of Texas, conservatorship is the legal term that describes matters of child custody. There are two types of conservatorships. Possessory conservators only have the right to visitation with their children. Managing conservatorship, however, can be given to one or both parents, and bestows the rights and responsibilities of:

  • Physical custody: Physical custody designates with whom the child will live. In some instances, joint physical custody will be equally divided between the parents. In other cases, the percentage of physical custody may be unequal.
  • Legal custody: Legal custody designates which parents have the right and responsibility to make important life decisions affecting their children, such as those surrounding health care, education, religion, underage marriage and joining the military. Legal custody may be sole or joint.

When appropriate and in the best interests of the child, Texas courts prefer that physical and legal custody be divided among the parents, although the division of physical custody may not always be 50-50.

Protecting Your Relationship with Your Children

As a father himself, attorney Jim Ross understands the importance of parent-child relationships, and will strive to help you maintain these important bonds and your decision-making ability.

While our law firm advocates for peaceful resolutions between all divorcing parties, it is especially important when children are involved. However, we also understand that sometimes the only way to protect your parental rights is during trial. Regardless of the route your child custody case takes, we are prepared to help you achieve your goals.

Arlington Legal and Physical Child Custody Lawyer

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