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Divorce doesn’t have to be complicated and it doesn’t have to involve a lot of fighting. Sometimes things just don’t work out in a marriage, and that’s OK. At the Arlington, Texas law firm of the Jim Ross Law Group, P.C., we represent people throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex in matters of uncontested divorce.

What is an uncontested divorce? In an uncontested divorce, couples work out all the issues involved in the dissolution of their marriage. If they have children, they determine child custody and create a visitation schedule. They also determine if child support or alimony payments will be made.

Couples also divide all of their property and debt. This may include deciding who keeps the family home, or whether that home will be sold. It may also include dividing up property acquired during the marriage, including cars, valuable items, investments and retirement accounts.

Making Your Own Decisions: A Good Way To Keep Costs Low

Making your own decisions about your divorce can be a good way to keep costs low because your divorce lawyer’s help is not needed at every turn — just for drafting final documents and submitting them to the court.

Further, these affordable divorces are also relatively drama-free. Couples work things out on their own and save themselves and their children the stress of prolonged fighting and going to court.

Of course, not everything is so simple. When complex assets are involved or a disagreement arises, uncontested divorces often become contested divorces. At the Jim Ross Law Group, P.C., we often change our approach to meet our clients’ changing needs. We tailor our strategies to achieve your goals quickly and effectively under Texas family law.

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