Domestic Violence

If you or your children have been the victims of domestic violence, it is extremely important to take immediate legal action to protect your safety and your rights. Even if you have been threatened but not physically abused, you still can seek a protective order. But it is critical not to face this difficult time alone. By working with a skilled family law attorney, you can help ensure you take the proper legal steps to end the abuse.

Protecting Spouses and Children from Domestic Abuse

At the Jim Ross Law Group, P.C., we help individuals and families address the difficult issues of domestic violence. Many of our clients, but not all, are facing issues of domestic abuse in conjunction with a divorce. Regardless of your specific circumstances, there are legal options available to you.

Obtaining a restraining order has many ways to protect you. It can require the abuser to move out of your homestead; stop further contact with you — including calls, emails and texts; and remain a specified distance from you at all times. Restraining orders are also on record with the police and the courts, and this can help your position during a divorce, or if the matter is escalated to criminal court.

If one spouse is deemed to have committed acts of domestic violence against the other, the victim may be awarded a disproportionately larger share of the marital assets during the divorce process.

The bottom line is, do not think that domestic violence is a one-time offense, and do not risk your safety or that of your children by doing nothing. Call our law firm for a free and confidential discussion about your options. Our caring and supportive attorneys are here to help.

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