Temporary Orders

While a divorce decree will state all aspects of your marital dissolution, there are some temporary issues that cannot wait until that final order. Some matters need to be addressed right away. At the Jim Ross Law Group, P.C., we help our clients with their difficult legal issues from day one. That means as soon as you retain us as counsel in your divorce matter, we will begin to work immediately on the specific temporary orders your situation calls for.

Some Matters Need Immediate Attention During Your Divorce Process

Our lawyers are ready to help you address a range of temporary issues in your divorce, including:

  • Temporary child custody: If you have children, you and your spouse will need to address issues of temporary child custody while your divorce is in process. Many times, a couple can agree upon these terms. However, if needed, a judge will make a ruling on the temporary residency of your kids, and who will make decisions for them during the divorce process.
  • Temporary child support: As you address your children’s long-term financial support needs during the divorce process, a judge may order the current noncustodial parent to make child support payments in the interim.
  • Temporary spousal support: In some marriages, one spouse makes significantly more than the other. So in the event of divorce, the lower or nonwage-earning spouse will likely need temporary financial support in order to pay for living expenses and attorney’s fees. A judge will make this determination if the spouses cannot agree.
  • Temporary residence of the marital homestead: Many divorcing couples will agree that one of them remain in the marital home and the other find alternate accommodations. However, in some cases, both spouses wish to remain in the home. Before the court makes the final determination on issues involving your house, a judge can make a temporary order for one spouse to occupy the home during the pendency of divorce.
  • Fiduciary duty and temporary restraining orders: In many cases, a judge will issue a temporary restraining order on both spouses in order to enforce fiduciary duty to the marital estate. In simplified terms, this means that neither spouse can deplete bank accounts, damage marital property or in any other way purposefully devalue marital assets.

It is important to note that temporary orders will not necessarily dictate the terms of the final divorce order.

Arlington, Texas Temporary Orders Attorneys

Some divorce issues cannot wait. Contact our law firm at 817-275-4100 to schedule an initial consultation to discuss your rights regarding temporary orders. Our Arlington, Texas temporary orders lawyers are ready to help.

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