Fort Worth Child Custody Attorneys

Child custody cases are some of the most contentious because both parents are fighting for time with their child. There may also be a lot of feelings due to the underlying separation or divorce. No matter how complex your case is, the Fort Worth child custody attorneys from Jim Ross law are here to support you. 

Our family law firm has decades of combined experience in family law. Our lawyers have a firm understanding of the child custody laws in Texas and how to make them work in your favor. We believe in advocating for the best interests of the child, taking into consideration their wishes, their needs and the parenting abilities of each parent. 

Qualified Child Custody Attorneys in Fort Worth TX

You can’t trust the outcome of your child support case to just anyone. You need a team of experienced, aggressive child custody lawyers. This is exactly what you can expect from Jim Ross Law. Our law firm was established by a former Marine, Texas police officer and DEA task force officer. 

With a unique background and past experience leading prestigious law firms, Jim Ross Law has always been a one-of-a-kind law firm. Our child custody attorneys in Fort Worth TX know how to be effective negotiators and litigators – working toward solutions – not more problems. 

Types of Child Custody You Can File For 

When you file for custody, you’ll need to work with your Fort Worth child custody attorneys to determine the type of custody you want. Here are the main types: 

  • Sole custody. This is where the child lives with one parent and this parent makes all decisions for the child.
  • Joint legal custody. With joint custody, the child lives mainly with one parent and the other gets visitation. Both parents are actively involved in the child’s life and make decisions for the child.
  • Shared custody. In some cases, it makes sense to have the child live with both parents. The child has two residences and spends 35% of their time with each parent during the year. 
  • Split custody. Split custody is rare, but there are some families that benefit from it. One parent gets custody of one child, and the other parent gets custody of the other child. 

Need to move forward with your child custody case? Schedule a consultation with our Fort Worth child custody attorneys and we’ll be happy to review your case! 

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