Fort Worth Defective Product Lawyers

Put knowledgeable and experienced Fort Worth defective product lawyers in your corner by connecting with the team at Jim Ross Law Group. We’re a trusted resource for those who have been injured because of an especially dangerous or defective product.

From pharmaceuticals and automobiles to children’s toys and other consumer products, anything that hits the market needs to be safe for consumers. If a product comes with inherent risks, those risks should be well documented and conveyed to the consumer in the form of a warning label or other literature.

Unfortunately for consumers, this isn’t always the case and dangerous or defective products can lead to serious injuries. If you have found yourself in a situation like this, then we invite you to connect with our defective product lawyers in Fort Worth TX.

We have experience taking on, and holding accountable, all parties that were responsible in bringing that product to market — from corporations and manufacturers to retailers. Not only do our Fort Worth defective product lawyers want to help you secure compensation you need to make a full recovery both physically and financially, but we also want to protect fellow consumers and ensure that they don’t suffer a similar fate.

Injured? Call our defective product lawyers in Fort Worth TX

If you believe that a dangerous or defective product unjustly caused you injuries, then we want to know about it. Connect with our team as quickly as possible following the event and, if able, save the product and any additional evidence tied to the incident.

We will use this information to build a case in your favor, file a claim for compensation and then negotiate with the responsible party in hopes of recovering a fair settlement. Our litigation team can also bring the matter to court for a trial.

You deserve compensation for, not just your medical bills and other expenses, but for your general pain and suffering, as well. Our Fort Worth defective product lawyers know what your case is worth and we’re not going to let insurance companies push you around and make you settle for less. Connect with our team right now and get a free case evaluation.

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