Fort Worth Mediation Lawyers

Do you need a team of Fort Worth mediation lawyers to help you resolve a legal dispute? Mediation works well for most non-criminal cases. It’s a faster, more affordable alternative to litigation, and you have full control over the process. You do not need to rely on a judge or jury to make a decision for you.

At Jim Ross Law, our mediation lawyers in Fort Worth TX know how to make mediation successful. While we can’t force an agreement between you and the other party, we can help you reach one on your own. We’ve tried many cases in court, and this has taught us how we can resolve cases in mediation. 

Oftentimes, there are specific issues that hold people back from reaching an agreement and we can help resolve them using the appropriate tactics and strategies. To have our mediation lawyers in Fort Worth TX review your case, contact us today for a consultation. 

How Our Fort Worth Mediation Lawyers Can Help Your Case 

You’re probably wondering how our attorneys can help your case and what specific actions we take to make mediation successful. The benefit in choosing mediation lawyers as opposed to just mediators is that we have litigation experience. We see what happens in the courtroom and the reasons why people have a hard time reaching an agreement.

With our experience in both mediation and litigation, we’re able to keep conversations on track and focused on a reasonable solution. Keep in mind that mediation is not about getting everything you want. It’s about compromising and reaching a deal that is fair and reasonable for the both of you. 

Benefits of Going Through Mediation 

There are many wonderful benefits to meditation. If you can resolve your dispute without going to court, you can enjoy:

  • Faster resolutions, often within hours or days 
  • Fewer court fees and lawyer fees 
  • Less emotional damage, especially when children are involved 
  • Less stress and anxiety 
  • Full confidentiality (court cases are public matters)

Schedule Your Consultation Today 

To have our Fort Worth mediation lawyers review your case, contact Jim Ross Law today. We’ll be happy to hear about the details of your dispute and determine if mediation is the best route to pursue. We generally recommend mediation for non-criminal cases where both parties are willing to work together! 

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