Fort Worth Restraining Order Lawyers

If you are looking for protection from a threatening or dangerous family member or individual, connect with the Fort Worth restraining order lawyers on our team at Jim Ross Law Group.

We help our clients navigate this important legal process to provide them with safety and peace of mind. Personal protection orders and restraining orders are effective, long-term solutions for people who are facing threats of violence from others. These tend to be former spouses, family members or loved ones.

With the help of our restraining order lawyers in Fort Worth TX, you can assure the safety of both yourself and the rest of your family.

Am I eligible for a protection order?

Our Fort Worth restraining order lawyers always begin by learning about your situation. The courts follow certain criteria when determining if someone is eligible for a protection order. You will likely need to prove that violence has already occurred and that it’s likely to happen again.

Our restraining order lawyers in Fort Worth TX will help you make a compelling argument in front of a judge that conveys the urgency of your situation.

What does a protection order accomplish?

People obtain protection orders for a variety of reasons. Overall, they simply want to avoid personal contact and communication with a violent or threatening individual. A protection order can help you accomplish this by mandating that the threatening individual:

  • Move out of the marital home
  • Cease from issuing threats or making threatening statements
  • Stop communicating with you via in-person, phone, e-mail or social media
  • Does not own a firearm
  • Does not harass other people you know
  • And more

We know that you will have plenty of questions about a protection order — we have answers. Our team combines for decades of experience in this area of law, and others.

Don’t let yourself or other members of your family remain in a dangerous situation. Take the proper legal action against a threatening or violent individual by connecting with Jim Ross Law Group. We have Fort Worth restraining order lawyers that are ready to consult with you.

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