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When you enter someone else’s property, you should be able to trust that it is safe — and when that trust is violated, and you’re injured as a result, then the Fort Worth slip and fall lawyers at Jim Ross Law Group are ready to help.

We are a personal injury law firm that specializes in working with victims of all sorts of accidents. This includes our specialization working on premises liability cases, where our clients are injured because of an avoidable hazard on public or private property.

Whether you slipped on an area of wet floor or fell down a flight of stairs because of a broken hand rail, our team of legal professionals will make sure that the negligent party in your case is identified and held accountable for the hazards that they allowed to persist on their property.

Pursue compensation with our slip and fall lawyers in Fort Worth TX

A variety of injuries can result from slip, trips and falls — from sprains and strains all the way to traumatic brain injuries. Sizable medical bills and long-term pain and suffering can often come with these injuries as well. You should not be left to shoulder this financial burden — the party responsible for your accident should.

That’s why it’s so important to work with our Fort Worth slip and fall lawyers. We’ll not only collect evidence in your case in order to identify the negligent parties that contributed to your accident, but we’ll assign a fair value to your case. This is the amount we believe you are owed for both financial and non-financial damages.

Of course, insurance companies are not always going to willfully hand over large sums of money. They generally push back. Still, our slip and fall lawyers in Fort Worth TX will aggressively negotiate on your behalf. We won’t let insurance companies shortchange you — we know that the well being of both you and your family is on the line.

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If you have been injured on someone else’s property, seek the medical attention that you need first and then connect with our Fort Worth slip and fall lawyers before discussing the matter with anyone else. We’ll guide you forward in your case.

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